Meet the 2021 Cohort Fellows

Kehinde Ogunsola-Saliu

Dr.  Kehinde  Ogunsola-Saliu  obtained  a  BSc.  in Economics from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State and holds a Master  of  International  Business  degree  from  an Australian  University,  the  University  of  Wollongong.  With her passion  for  research  and interest  in  the  oil  and  gas  sector,  Kehinde  proceeded  to  the  Nigeria  premier  university, University  of  Ibadan  (UI),  and  obtained  her  doctorate  in  Energy  Studies,  specialising  in Oil and  Gas Economics. She  has  obtained  many awards  in  recognition  of  her marvellous achievements  in  her chosen  career.

Dr.  Ogunsola-Saliu has a passion for research and writing which has led her to co-author several books in mathematics  for  primary  and  secondary  school  students.  These were approved for schools  in  Oyo  State  by  the  Oyo  State  Government.  She has also published  different  academic  papers. As  a  vast  and  experienced  lecturer,  facilitator  and  trainer,  her  core  competencies include  Risk  and  uncertainty  management,  Oil  and  Gas  Economics,  strategic  and quality  management,  Environmental  Sustainability,  project  management,  crisis management  and  quality  management.

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