ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme (EFLP)


About Programme

ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme is a flagship programme of ElectHER Academy which seeks to address the decline in numbers of female leaders and to raise a new cadre of female lawmakers who are resolute in their pursuit of changing the status quo. This fellowship is aimed at identifying, equipping and enabling women working in different sectors to run for law making office positions.

Benefits of the Programme


Virtual learning sessions consisting of lectures, online seminars, discussions, workshops, informal networking, masterclasses and guest spotlight interactive sessions with key leaders and lawmakers in Nigeria and across the world.


A one-week residency in Abuja to gain practical knowledge and engage key stakeholders.


An opportunity to execute and fundraise for a constituency project.


Consultancy work placement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme ?
EFLP is an intensive five months legislative and leadership development programme for aspiring female lawmakers. The fellowship is targeted at professionals who have a strong interest in politics and aspire to run for lawmaking office at the federal or state assemblies across Nigeria.
Must I be running for office in 2023 to qualify?
Yes – The 1st cohort is targeted at candidates who are serious about running for either Federal or State assemblies’ levels in 2023, even if they are currently elected or previously ran for office.
Are there any fees associated with the fellowship?

No, application is free.

Must I be a currently elected official or working in government to be considered for this fellowship?
Our ideal candidate can either be working government, politics and/or public affairs. Previously/currently working in government within a technical capacity, or in government consulting.
Must I be a registered member of a political party to qualify?
This is a strong preference, however if you are not currently registered, you must demonstrate in clear
terms how you plan to run competitively during the 2023 General elections.
Can I apply if I don’t have community development experience?
If you are committed to public service, you must have been involved in some form of community development project
Do I have to be in possession of a Permanent Voters Card (PVC)?
While our preference is for candidates to have their PVC, exceptions will be made for highly qualified candidates who have the intension of obtaining their PVC in the next registration exercise.
Will I be shortlisted without a letter of recommendation?
No – A letter of recommendation from a past or current political office holder is required. Letters should be written by someone who can attest to your professional abilities, character and suitability for this programme
What next after I have submitted my application?
Your application will be forwarded to the Selection Committee for review. Once a decision has been made, you will receive a response from us.
Please note that the selection process for this fellowship is rigorous, with a high volume of applications received and a very limited number of places available. As such, only shortlisted candidates will be
What should I do if I encounter any technical difficulties?
Please send an email to eflp@elect-her.org

ElectHER is a non-partisan progressive women's political advancement organization bridging inequality gaps in African democracy, by advocating for and enabling women's leadership across appointive and elective office. Our mission is fulfilled through behavioural change communications; skills development, human capital mobilization and campaign financing, with an end-goal to enable capable women competitively Decide, Run and Win elections. We are on a mission to empower 1000 women to run for office and directly back '35' women by 2023.

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