Meet the 2021 Cohort Fellows

Demokun Mabel Omolola

Mabel Omolola Demokun is a seasoned Lawyer, Parliamentary Expert, Policy Advisor, Politician, Strategist, Mother, Wife and Feminist. She is a University of Oxford-trained Public Policy Expert & Social Entrepreneur; an Alumni of the Centre LSD Leadership School. She is a Doctoral Student of International Development Law at the University of Abuja.
Over the years, her activism from her days as a Student Leader has driven her to take up causes concerning youth, women inclusion and anti-corruption in Nigeria. She sits on the Board of Companies and is a Trustee of reputable organizations, whose work(s) directly impact on the economic and socio-political development of Nigeria. She currently serves as Special Assistant on International & Inter-Parliamentary Affairs to the Deputy Senate President.

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ElectHER is a non-partisan progressive women's political advancement organization bridging inequality gaps in African democracy, by advocating for and enabling women's leadership across appointive and elective office. Our mission is fulfilled through behavioural change communications; skills development, human capital mobilization and campaign financing, with an end-goal to enable capable women competitively Decide, Run and Win elections. We are on a mission to empower 1000 women to run for office and directly back '35' women by 2023.

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